The Bus Story

It’s a strange name, I know.   Let me take you back about 10 years where this story begins.

During my first pregnancy, I joined an online parenting forum. My birth club was full of women due in February 2005.  For 9 months, we bonded over the bitching and moaning about pregnancy miseries. Due dates came and went (especially mine). We started comparing newborn sleep patterns, discussing bottle feeding vs. breastfeeding, sharing pictures of first-steps. All to soon, we were crying as we sent those February 2005 babies off to their first day of school.  Some of us were gluttons for punishment and had more babies. Slowly these virtual people I met on the internet became some of my closest friends. Ten years later, we’re all still friends. Real friends.

We came up with this saying and would scream it in all caps when we couldn’t stand another minute of a terrible day, “SEND THE BUS!” When one of our own would use this phrase, we stepped into action. We gave sympathy, advice, opinions. We listened without judgement and we joked about sending the bus.

At first the bus was sent to run you over and take you out of your misery. Eventually the bus started to bring booze, a hot tub, chocolate, whatever would make you feel better. The bus has traveled between Ft. Wayne, Las Vegas, Jacksonville and up to Boston. It’s made stops in New Orleans, Springfield, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Bristol, Battleground and Houston, just to name a few.

This bus knows no limits and my blog lets me share this magical bus and it’s healing power of laughter with parents everywhere.




19 thoughts on “The Bus Story

  1. So proud of you Jen! And even more proud to be a part of this group. Your friendship and your family mean a ton to me! You are doing a great job, friend!!!


  2. Some days this damn bus is the only thing that kept me sane. So glad we all became friends over 10 years ago…..and damn doesn’t it seem crazy it’s been 10 years already?! So proud of you and this blog!!!


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