No, She’s Not Potty Trained – GFYS

There is no bowl of M&Ms in my bathroom. We don’t have a cute sticker chart and we have not read It’s Potty Time. My “baby” will be two years old in a month and she has not made a single Peepee or Poopoo in her hand me down princess potty.

Go ahead and judge me.

I refuse to feel bad about our progress, or lack there of.  Why? Because I am secure in my parenting. I am an experienced mother of three who has developed maternal instincts that have not steered me wrong thus far.

My firstborn was completely potty trained by 18 months old. She was ready. She woke up dry most mornings and she hid in the corner when she took a dump. when baby number three turned 18 months, I bought the pull-ups and started attempting to squeeze her into the mold of her older sister. She quickly made it clear that she is her own individual with her own timeline and readiness.

My “baby” wakes up soaking wet every morning. She has just started to say Poopoo while filling her diaper. She has a potty and she sits on it when she wants to; I will never force her. She’s getting there, but she is just not fully ready. And maybe I’m not either… and that is okay.

It was certainly an easier task when I was home all day with just one child. There was no morning school rush, no PTA meetings, Girl Scout cookies to sell, preschool pick up, Softball practice, My Gym….and I didn’t have a husband working 60 hours a week and traveling out of town while I keep up with laundry and getting dinner on the table for a family of five.

I will admit, I thought I was the world’s best mother when my 18-month-old could wear big girl panties all day without an accident. So maybe I was slightly judgmental back then of anyone who didn’t meet what I thought should be the timeline. But I have grown as a mother and as a person. I also kind of enjoy not having to pull off the highway or sprint across Target with 3 kids in town and a toddler screaming,”go potty!”

So, to the Judgy McBitches who have something to say, your time will come. At some point in your parenting, your child will reach a goal or meet a milestone at a time that doesn’t meet someone else’s standards. Hopefully you have grown enough not to judge yourself so quickly.