Zero To Hero | Reason To Believe

My husband makes fun of me for the time I put into my blog. When I told him I had some assignments to work on he laughed … loudly ….. at me – or at least in my general direction.  Yes, I have ‘assignments’.  I chose to have them.  I approach my blog the same way I approach everything else in my life, with 100% OCD determination to do a damn good job and wear myself totally out in the process.  So this blogging challenge (Zero To Hero) I’m participating in gives me ideas, support and suggestions to improve my blog and help me figure out where I’m driving this bus.

Today’s prompt: Reason To Believe

The baby just woke crying while I was working on this.

-I have reason to believe she will do it again.

It’s 11pm and I’m the only one still up.

-I have reason to believe I will also be the first one up in the morning.

Sometimes when I stay up late, writing or reading I get the munchees.

-I have reason to believe I will be cheating on my diet tonight.

There is some type of music award show on TV tonight.

-I have reason to believe Kanye will say something asinine.

I just called it ‘some type of music award show’

-I have reason to believe I am getting old.

I will show this post to my husband tomorrow.

-I have reason to believe he will laugh at me.





6 thoughts on “Zero To Hero | Reason To Believe

  1. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!! My boys laugh at me in the same way. If I so much as mention my blog, they start doing fake scouse accents, and saying “Are you famous, Mum, are you?” over and over again!!!


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