Random Easter Sunday Thoughts


Skipping baby’s nap (even done with good intentions) is dumb. Dumb. DUMB!

Only a moron would let their kid go all-you-can-eat buffet crazy with their Easter basket and then sit them in a church pew.

Hello, my name is Moron.

Is it wrong to want to bitch slap the chick in front of you who has a 2×4 up her ass and apparently hates children?

The tiny wine shot-glasses you get for communion are a terrible tease.

Thank God for bowing your head and listening to long prayers.  I needed that little power nap.

The Easter bunny is a genius! Putting the  Frozen DVD in the basket bought me hours on end of peace and quiet.

Hello, my name is Genius.

Babies squirm and squeal at church, as long as they look freakin’ adorable, get over it!

Ok, mayyyyyyyybe baby girl took it to level 5 meltdown status, which led me to this:

Church EasterSEND THE BUS! To run over the bee-otch in the pew in front of me and take this baby on an a joy ride and bring her back when she’s no longer possessed by the devil.




2 thoughts on “Random Easter Sunday Thoughts

  1. mmm, do YOU need chocolate, wine, sedatives, or a big hammer for the woman in front? Honestl, nothing is too much trouble, just let me know. (my pick is more chocolate AND wine for me) 🙂


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