[The Re-make of] Getting Your Kids Involved In Your Yoga Practice

Once in a blue moon, the universe aligns just right and amazing writing material is just dropped in my lap.  As I’m in a fetal position on the floor gasping for air and wishing for death after Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred, I start browsing Facebook on my phone.  Hmmm, what’s this my dear friend has tagged me in? Oh hell!!! Pictures of  a gorgeous  Mom and her 4 year old Yogi daughter wearing matching outfits and striking incredible yoga poses together. Let me go ahead and put this disclaimer out there: I am not hatin’ on this mama. She is a 36-year-old mother of 2,  who works full time and has a rockin body.  I would not dis a sista for looking amazing or having success.  Now, on with the show!

Awwww, how sweet is this!

Are these outfits custom made? I’m not sure I could convince my 4-year-old boy to put these pants on even if I offered a trip to Chuckee Cheese in an M&M filled helicopter flown by Iron Man himself.

Buuuuuuuuuut, you’ll be surprised what he will do for a couple of Thin Mints at 10:30  in the morning.

pickerimage(1)Is this what Mommy & Me time is supposed to be like? I’ve been doing it all wrong for years!

pickerimage(3)I mean seriously, can you even tell which one is the original post and which is the replica? They’re nearly identical!

pickerimage(2)Now remember, she is doing this with a little girl. I have a little boy, so insert fart noises here.


He really let me down on this one. Come on kid, this is where you were supposed to do all the work!

And that’s where we had to stop. I’m fairly certain I slipped a disc while giving my son a concussion. Don’t try this at home. Screw that! DO try this at home, just make sure you send me the pictures.  I’ll just be over here dousing myself with Icy Hot before my chiro appointment.

*Here’s the link to this mom’s website and original post:  http://www.twofitmoms.com/2014/03/13/getting-your-kids-involved-in-your-yoga-practice/



7 thoughts on “[The Re-make of] Getting Your Kids Involved In Your Yoga Practice

  1. This almost killed me, due to laughing so hard! I’m not even going to lie, I have tried this myself. Fortunately, I have no photographic evidence of our less than stellar results.


  2. I am crying!!! That was inspired!! I recently watched some very earnest lady showing us all how to involve your dog in your yogacise. Mine already does this. At any given opportunity, she lies on my face!


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