I’m a Blogger? I’m a Blogger!

Too soon?  Is there a post quota I’m supposed to meet before the prestigious title of ‘blogger’ is earned?  There was no application or interview.  There were no qualifications listed and that’s good because I ain’t got none.  Ok, so maybe I was editor of my high school yearbook. Maybe I wrote briefly for our local newspaper.  Maybe I majored in communications in college, don’t worry I have no degree to show for it.  Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

BUT, if there were an interview, this is what I imagine the questions would be:

1. Do you have shit to write about?

2. Do you have shit to write about that anyone gives a crap to read?

3. Will you work for free?

Yes, yes I think so, and yes!  I’m hired!  Since I don’t get a paycheck, my compensation comes in the form of ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and an occasional comment that something I said at least slightly rang true or entertained someone.  I write because it’s how I process … and it wards off insanity.  Also, my private Facebook posts were getting a bit long and probably annoying my friends who don’t give 2 shits what my kids did today (I can’t blame them, there are days I don’t want to know what they did).

Soooooooo … thank you to the 97 of you who have been reading my posts thus far.  Thanks even more for your replies about your kids and families being as whacked-out as mine. Hopefully I’m helping some of you moms not feel like you’re doing a crappy job, or at least that someone else is doing as crappy a job as you are.


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