Because I have so much free time…

“Mama, can you get me a drink?” says my 4-year-old while squeezing my cheeks and pulling my face toward him and away from my lapotop. Yes, that’s how I start my first blog entry. Please hold while I clean up the cereal he just spilled on the floor before the dog eats it all (it’s chocolate Krave and while some days my dog pisses me off, I prefer he not die of chocolate poisoning on my watch).

And, I’m back. Hopefully a few back to back episodes of Team Umizoomi, a full bowl of cereal and a cup of chocolate milk buy me enough time to form a few complete thoughts here. Of course, the dog is now chewing on one of my 10-month-old’s pacifiers. Oh well, it’s one of those back up pacis. You know, the ones that are that teeny-tiny infant size and possibly already a little rough on one edge from the last time you fished it out of the dog’s mouth just in time. Go ahead jerk, finish the damn thing off.

So as you can see, I have tons of free “me time” to sit down and start a blog. But hey, I’m the queen of biting off more than I can chew and then half-assing it. As Fly Lady says, “Done is better than perfect.” Yeah, I’m working on that whole Fly Lady thing. That’s another post though.

Send the Bus. Why is my blog named Send the Bus? Well, One Tired Mama was taken – shocker. I started thinking about what has inspired me to do this. And by ‘this’, I mean spit out all of my thoughts as if they are original or worth reading and share them with the cyber world to judge and correct, fun! Back to my point, my inspiration. Nine years ago I joined an online forum for my birth club – February 2005 Pregnancy Weekly. I was a first time mom looking for support, mainly about breastfeeding, postpartum depression and total sleep hell with a newborn! What I ended up with were a BUNCH of life long friends and one true bestie for life (love you Mia!).

Over the years, as we each faced terrible days of self doubt, exhaustion and frustration while we tried to figure out how to do this whole mom thing, we started a phrase that has stuck all these years: “Send the bus!” When there was a post titled Send the Bus we all knew we needed to open it ASAP and get to work talking one of our fellow mamas off a ledge. Now for me, most of my Send the Bus posts were typed up in a sleep deprived stupor begging someone to help me get my baby to sleep for more than an hour at a time. Others were about feeling like a cow being milked in the middle of the night while I pumped and my hubby snored oh so contently. Some posts were about running late to an appointment, getting spit up on and having it leak down between your boobs so you have to change your shirt. Then as you get your little bundle of joy’s carrier snapped into the car that familiar scent lingers up to your nose … yep, poop. As you reach down and pull your now, little bundle of crap out of their carrier what discovery do you make? that blowout leaked all into the carrier seat. Fabulous. That’s it! You have to post to the mom group about this! And you have to title this post SEND THE BUS!

Over these last nine years, all of us have had our Send the Bus moments. For some of us, it’s still about blowout diapers, crying-it-out and teething. For others it’s about your teenager’s latest car accident, your 9-year-old’s incredibly insane homework or your husband’s complete inability to close a damn cabinet door or get his boxers into the hamper.

So this is my blog about all of those Send the Bus moments all of us mother’s have!


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